Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Folke Palsson FDB Mobler Chair - $50 (Baltimore County)

1942-1950 Danish Mobler Chair - $50 (Balt. County)

This listing is for a single chair, which appears to be a chair that was designed by Danish designer Folke Palsson for FDB Mobler. The Palsson chair is a classic Danish design, and one that clearly shows how American styles (notably Shaker) influenced some Danish designs at the time (for more info this click here). Between 1942 and 1950, at the time this design was developed, FDB Mobler's design studio was run by Borge Mogensen, one of the most influential Danish designers of the 20th century.

There is little information in this listing about the chair, but it is evident that it has some significant wear to the black lacquer finish.  I'm not very familiar with this chair, but also wonder why some of these chairs seem to have a metal adornment on the back-rail, whereas others don't. I have seen both versions in several places online.

Chairs like this one, in good condition, regularly sell for $75-150. Considering the condition of this chair, I don't think $50 would be a great deal, but it is a reasonable starting place for negotiations if you like this style and are willing to do a little restorative work on the finish. It is also worth asking the seller if the piece has any label still attached. Although to my knowledge this chair was not widely copied, the label will resolve any doubt and help your re-sale value. 

If you just like the chair and would rather pay a little more for one (or four) in better condition, check out this listing for 4 of these for $600.

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