Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lounge Chair and Ottoman by Adrian Pearsall for Craft Associates - $395

Mid Century Chair and Footstool by Adrian Pearsall - $395 (Leesburg)

Let me start by saying that it doesn't need to be cheap to be a good deal... this is a great example. Here is a beautiful, all original and in good condition lounge chair and ottoman designed by Adrian Pearsall and produced by his Pennsylvania-based company Craft Associates. The seller states that the "entire chair is intact and original with no damage," and as you can see in the image, the fabric shows little/no wear and all pieces, including the headrest, are intact.

Adrian Pearsall is a lesser-known mid century furniture designer who founded Craft Associates, which produced a range of furniture in the 1950s and 60s before being bought by Lane. He is also, surprisingly (to me) the designer of the beanbag chair. Following is an excerpt from his nomination into the Furniture Hall of Fame (yes, such a thing really exists), "Adrian M. Pearsall (b 1926) founded Craft Associates, which became the second largest employer in Northeastern Pennsylvania. After he and his brother sold Craft to the Lane Company, Mr. Pearsall became a partner at Comfort Designs, from which he retired in 1991. Mr. Pearsall is known for his innovative designs, including the popular beanbag chair."

These Pearsall / Craft Associates chairs are relatively rare and especially in this condition. They are also quite popular. Upholstered pieces from the 50s and 60s are difficult to find without rips/tears or worn areas to the fabric. As for value - there is not a lot out there for comparison, but I think this chair with ottoman could easily sell for $600+ on eBay. The only similar listing I could find right now is on Etsy, in much worse condition, and without the ottoman or headrest, for $388.

The bottom line is that this is a unique and stylish chair in rare condition, with great original fabric, offered at a very fair price. They are only getting rarer, and I am confident that this piece will hold its value. Act fast!! This might not last through the day.

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