Friday, May 21, 2010

6 Hans Wegner Wishbone Chairs - $200/each (Alexandria, VA)

Wishbone Chairs; designed by Hans Wegner, made by Carl Hansen & Son - $200 (Alexandria)

This listing is for a set of six Wishbone Chairs designed by highly regarded Danish designer, Hans Wegner. Also known as the CH24 or Y-chair, the Wishbone Chair was first produced by the Danish manufacturer Carl Hansen & Son in 1949.  It is one of the most iconic Danish furniture pieces, and is still highly collectible. 

The chairs in this listing were purchased in the 1960s and still bear their original labels (big plus). It is difficult to assess their condition from the photos and description, but it is critical for any prospective buyer to look for structural faults or major blemishes. Condition is everything with higher end pieces like this and it will make all the difference in their value. If they are in good, solid condition, $200 per chair is a very reasonable price. If they are in excellent condition, $200 is a great price.

If you like these, I suggest you act fast. Listings like this are few and far between - this is the first time I have seen these chairs on Craig's List. If you are willing to buy all 6, I am sure you can negotiate a discount.

To learn more about Hans Wegner - check out his biography on Design Addict.

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