Friday, January 22, 2010

Pair of Lane Acclaim End Tables - $99

End Tables (2) with Inlaid Wood - $99 (Ballston)

A great deal! With room to negotiate... if you act fast!

This listing is for a pair of two-tiered end (lamp) tables made by Lane as part of their Acclaim series that debuted in the early 1960s. The most distinct design feature of this series is the giant dovetails and contrasting use of light and dark woods (walnut and oak). The dovetails are "simulated" in the sense that they are actually a design feature, made from die-cut walnut and oak veneers (though the rounded border of the top (bullnose) is actually solid oak), rather than a structural feature made from solid woods. This allowed Lane to give an appearance of a piece that was constructed with high-quality walnut and oak in a complex form, when in reality the piece is constructed rather simply and largely using less-expensive woods (see more detail here). They also boast tapered legs and rounded forms that are quintessential to 60s American modern furniture... very futuristic!

The Lane Acclaim series is very collectible right now (read this article, for instance), and these have been selling strongly on both eBay and Craig's List for some time. A recent listing on eBay had just one of these tables, which sold for $139 (in Orange, CA).

These are solidly constructed and beautiful pieces of furniture that have survived the test of time and will last well into the future. They would make a great addition to your home as lamp tables or even bedside tables. Assuming there are no structural problems, cracks, or burns, these are a great deal at $99 for the pair. Act fast, because these tables will not last!

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