Saturday, January 23, 2010

Pair of Knoll side tables - $150 (or $100 ea)

Pair of Knoll Tables - $100 (NoVA)

This listing is for a pair of simple yet beautiful Knoll side tables. The tables are very similar, but they are not quite matching. One has a black "t-angle" base (the legs are shaped like the letter t), while the other has a chrome base. Both tops appear to be walnut laminate / veneer. It is hard to tell from the pictures, but it seems that these are from two different eras - the chrome base being a more recent piece, whereas the one with the black t-angle base dates to the early 1950s. This table was designed by Florence Knoll (in 1948, I believe) and has been a standard in Knoll's catalog ever since (with varying materials).

They are functional and versatile tables that were often used in an office setting but are equally useful at home. With a price of $150 for the pair, before negotiation, this is a great deal, assuming they are in good condition (i.e. laminate fully intact).

Here are a few similar listings for price comparison - a recent eBay sale, and a listing on Architonic. Note that these are both for the older, t-angle version of the two tables.

Act fast - early bird gets the tables...

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