Saturday, January 23, 2010

Danish modern dresser and nightstand - $200 (And several other Danish modern pieces!)

Walnut Dresser and Nightstand Set - $200 (McLean)

Here is a listing for a large Danish modern dresser and nightstand set. Although the seller states that these are walnut, they appear to be teak veneer, as common for Danish modern furniture from the 60s and later. In the pictures the condition looks quite good although it is a bit hard to tell.

In any case, this is a great deal at $200 for the pair "or best offer". The seller also states that he/she has a number of other items available, so if you are heading over there there may be more similar pieces to check out.

Furniture like this is very collectible right now, and this set could easily sell for $400-600. These will be gone very soon so don't wait. If you contact the seller first, offer $150 cash and say you'll get them out today - they're probably yours.

UPDATE: As a matter of fact - you don't even need to go there to see the rest of what this seller has to offer... see the links below - lots of great deals! You could furnish nearly your entire home with Danish modern furniture for under $1000. The more you buy, the easier it is to make a deal.

Danish modern record cabinet / media credenza - $120
Danish modern teak desk - $200
Mid-century solid wood sideboard - $200
Danish modern teak dining table with extensions - $150
Danish modern teak dining chairs (set of 6) - $100

and more....

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