Thursday, January 21, 2010

Unique Scandinavian Buffet - $125

Scandinavian Buffet - $125 (Hagerstown, MD)

No, this post is not about the food court at IKEA... It is, rather, about the very unique "Scandinavian" buffet / sideboard pictured above, which is being sold for just $125. I've never seen a piece quite like this one, so I can't say much about its history or value, but I think it has great style. According to the seller, the top is Italian marble and the sideboard is constructed of walnut. It has a row of drawers down the left half and a pair of wicker / cane / grasscloth doors on the right side which conceal more drawers and some open storage space. The seller also states that the sideboard is from the 1950s, though it is unclear where that information comes from (at first glance, it looks newer to me).

Overall, I love the contrasting use of materials and the distinctly European style in this piece, and the price is very reasonable. Generally speaking, sideboards are very functional pieces of furniture, whether used as media stands or china storage, and are also good for keeping your house looking clean (just close the doors and the mess disappears!). The only downside is that, according to the seller, there is a crack in the marble top - though it is not clear how large / significant that is. Even so, if it matters to you, marble is easy to replace. If you are in the market for a sideboard, this could be a great piece for you!

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