Thursday, January 7, 2010

Jens Risom Danish modern dining table - $350

Jens Risom vintage modern dining table - $350 (NW DC)

This listing is for a beautiful mid century modern dining table designed by the famous Danish-American designer and architect Jens Risom (visit to learn all about him) at a fantastic price. Many of Risom's design works are considered classic examples of the period and were influential to the design of the time.

This table is one of his classic designs and appears in his 1949 catalog on the website (see image at bottom, or this link). The version in the catalog is smaller in size; the one for sale today may be a later permutation of the same design or a size variation from the same date.

In any case, you simply can not find a table of this quality anywhere for $350, and certainly not one that will hold its value so well. This is a beautiful and functional piece. The design is simple, clean, and practical - it has plenty of leg space, and is expandable / collapsible to fit your space or dinner crowd. According to the seller's description, the table is in good condition with some wear. Knowing the seller, Brandon of Cantilever Modern, I am sure that the piece is in very good overall condition. The bottom line is that if I had not just finished restoring my Heywood Wakefield wishbone table, I would be buying this table. If you need one, you should too.


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