Friday, May 7, 2010

1950s Chrome & Formica Dinette Set - $150

50's Style Dining Set - $150 (Adams Morgan)

Although these sets are still fairly easy to come by (there are several on Craig's List now), I never get tired of them, and this set is offered at a reasonable price. Nothing adds a more immediate retro 1950s feel to your kitchen/dining area than a chrome and formica dinette set. This set includes four chairs with what looks like original, or at least period appropriate, pink vinyl upholstery (with white piping?). Everything appears to be in good condition, but it definitely warrants a closer look. If you decide to check out this piece, look for pitting in the chrome (flaking - not the same as rust that can be polished away with steel wool), chips in the formica, tears in the vinyl, and missing bolts. Although little problems likely won't make or break the piece, finding them before you get the piece home will help you negotiate a fair price. $150 is definitely a reasonable starting place...

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