Monday, January 26, 2009

Steelcase Chairs (Ignore the Desk)

1970s Steelcase Office Chairs - $75 (Alexandria)

Please look past the ugly desk - or in front of it rather... I did, and that is how I ended up spotting the very cool Steelcase chair in seemingly good condition. The seller claims to have many of these, although it is not clear if they are all white with powder blue. I hope so, however, because this one looks fantastic.

Steelcase has been making high quality office furniture for many years and my efforts to dig up information on this particular chair online revealed only that it is from the 70s. Although I did see a post on Steelcase just last week over at The Mid-Century Modernist.

These are being offered for $75 each, which is high. I'm sure the seller will negotiate down to a more reasonable $30-50... After all, there are a lot of these out there, and he has a lot to get rid of. Certainly worht a shot!

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