Thursday, January 15, 2009

McCobb Planner Group Desk

This listing comes from Good Eye Mid Century Modern, a local furniture and collectibles store on Wisconsin Ave in the Tenleytown / Friendship Heights area. They have been posting a number of items on Craig's List lately, trying to get rid of excess inventory. Mostly, these items are priced at, more or less, retail value, which is more than I care to pay (otherwise why bother with Craig's List?). 

This listing, however, is a good deal. The Paul McCobb Planner Group is one of the most well-known and avidly collected lines of mid century modern furniture. This line was intended to be mainstream and consisted of flexible combinations of furniture to suit varying consumer needs.

The desk offered here is one of my favorite pieces in this line. It is simple, functional, and elegant. Like other pieces in this line, it is made of solid maple and lightly stained. Originally listed at $500, the price seems to be $450 now (although there is some discrepancy between the price in the title and within the post). Look around, and you will quickly realize that this is a significant discount.

A great piece at a good price. Not only a nice addition to your home, but also bound to be a good investment.

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