Sunday, December 14, 2008

SCAN table and chairs

For $400, this table and 4 chairs combo is generally a bit pricey for my Craig's List taste.  However, a new solid wood table from IKEA will set you back $350 without chairs, so taking that into consideration I have decided to include it here.  Not to mention that this price is probably negotiable. Especially if you say you'll take it, and then show up with only $350 (someone did this to us).

From what I can tell, the wood grain and stain have a standard Danish / Scandanavian style that would go well with other similar Danish and/or mid century decor.  The chairs seem to be in good shape, in spite of the bland but easily replaced upholstery.  The downside is that this seems to be a large table and there are only 4 chairs...  Also, the pictures don't show the table legs.

If you are in the market for a table, this one would definitely be worth a look and some questions to the seller about condition and construction, because frankly, these pictures are terrible.  I'm consistently amazed at how much trouble people have taking pictures... all you have to do is get the full object in the frame and press a button - that's it. 

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