Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Mid Century Arm Chairs

I was originally not going to post these, because they are a bit expensive, but after looking at the listing again I have had a change of heart.  These chairs are beautiful.  I love the color, the condition of the original vinyl upholstery looks good, and the design is fantastic - what a dramatic profile created by those arms!

And it is always nice to find a pair like this still together.  These would make a great addition to your modern living room, lounge, or library; they look quite comfortable.  Although I originally thought these were overpriced, I now think the pricing is pretty fair given their style and condition, and the seller's willingness to offer (free?) curbside delivery...  And, you will not find a new set of arm chairs at this price, and certainly not a new set with this quality of design and construction.

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