Monday, December 22, 2008

Chambers Stove and other vintage stoves!

Alert to those of you re-modeling your kitchen or simply looking to add some modern / vintage flair to your kitchen.  This posting is for eight "antique and vintage stoves" at Community Forklift. While most of those pictured do not look like anything special, I did see a Chambers Stove (pictured) among them.

Chambers Stoves are beautiful, functional, and very collectible... they have a cult-like following (and for a good reason)! Just see the Chambers Stove Lover's Website, for instance.  These stoves have a beautiful modern style, and a number of unique features... they are also known to save gas due to their efficient design, and even "cook with the gas off".

This listing doesn't indicate the prices for each individual stove so I'm not sure what they'll be charging, but it is certainly worth a call... the listing says most are priced at $100-150.

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